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  • Hannah Walker:
    Louis and Hannah

    Louis and Hannah

Louis and Hannah started dating on the March 18, 2010, whilst Louis was on X Factor.The two both attened Hall Cross Acadamy where they both preformed in Greese. Louis played Danny and Hannah played the role of Frenchy. It was Hannah who encouraged Louis to audition for the X Factor and we are very thankful that he did. They were dating for about a year before breaking up in July 2011. Louis and 
the rest of the boys were working hard on their very first debut album, so they both found it hard to see each other. Louis then broke up with Hannah so it would be easier for the both of them. The two, after the break up, stated on Twitter that they  are still friends.

  • Eleanor Calder:
Louis and Eleanor

Louis and Eleanor

Louis and Eleanor have been dating ever since Harry introduced them to each other (Good on ya Haz)
. Eleanor is Louis's second girlfriend since the X Factor and they a currently dating now. They were secretly dating unitl, finally, in November, 2011, they 
announced their relationship offically. Louis and Eleanor have been seen public many times. Eleanor has visted Louis and the boys while they were on tour. They celebrated their one year anniversary on November 17, 2012.


  • "I like girls carrots!" (X Factor Video Diary 2)
  • " 'NO' Jimmy protested!" (X Factor Video Diary 7)
  • "And I'd marry you, Harry, because it rhymes." (X Factor Video Diary 9)
  • "And as for you, stop having curly hair!" (X Factor Video Diary 10)
  • "I'd like to make a shout out ... SHOUT OUT!" (X Factor Video Diary 6)
  • "But we think it's goddamn cool!" (X Factor Video Diary 6)
  • "I had this really recent dream...that we had this new sixth member, and he ended up being quite horrible! And he started a fight with me! And I wanted him to go away and none of the boys were helping me!" (Tour Diary 4)
  • "I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!" (New Megamind 1)
  • "Yes! The Tommo is back!" (The Footy Video in Boston)
  • "Swag mastah from Doncastah!" (common quote)
  • "Those sound like the three best answers I've ever heard on this show even though it's the first ever of this show!" (Spin the Harry 1)
  • "If I were to look in you ferigerator....refridgefreetorator...fridge....what would I find?" (New Megamind 1)
  • "Woah! Calm down, Curly!"
  • "Check mah flow!" (Tour Diary 3)
  • "Liam gets that point cause he's damn sexy!"
  • "Will you marry me?"

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